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I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!


Wookiee Gunner

So I broke down and bought an iPad. So far it hasn't been too bad, I have an iPhone so I'm used to the interface. As a matter of fact, I'm typing this on it now and getting a pretty good typing rate.

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T-109 days and counting

Wookiee Gunner
So tomorrow (Saturday) is the big day. I've finally gotten the mesh cut out and sewed, and the first batch of hair mixed and ready to start latch hooking. I don't know why even after all the hours and money I've spent on this costume it doesn't really feel like it's real until I've put hair to suit.


I walked across my kitchen

Wookiee Gunner
So last night I actually (very slowly and with a folded up saftey ladder) walked across my kitchen in my Wookiee Stilts. It was a bit of a scare (took me tying the first shoe and a couple of tries before I got up into the second one). My ankles and knees definately felt it, but at least I've proven I can do it which is the biggest mental challenge. Now it's just practice.

T-132 days and counting

Wookiee Gunner
I feel like I am finally starting to get some traction. I have my stilts made (not furred yet), my mask parts are in and the first round of my boxes are in (I made the about 10% too small by accident, have a second set of masters on order). My toes are made but haven't shipped (were supposed to ship with mask parts but oopsied). I've got a ton of work this weekend, but I'm hoping to get some more done on it. My next step is to start the mesh outfit so I can start hairing it.

The mask will add right at 3 inches to my height, and my stilts will add 14-15 inches (they are 15 inches, but the bottom 1 inch is a kneeling pad so I expect some loss from its give). Assuming the hair lays flat I should be between 7 feet 4 inches and 7 feet 6 inches when all is said and done.

T-189 days and counting

Wookiee Gunner

So I am in the final stretch on gathering information. I have confirmed that the bandolier is identical front to back. I've also started working on the dimensions of the boxes. I am basing my calculations on the boxes on Chewie's bandolier, which I assume is 100mm wide.

Large Box:
Top Edge-98mmx6.5mm
L Shape-12mmx12mmx2mm
Gap between edge and L-2mm
Front Edge Cutout-10mmx3mmx.5mm
Lip width-2mm
Lip Depth-3mm

Small Box:
Top Edge-108mmx5mm
Top Cutout-10.5mmx6mm
Side Cutout-3mmx3mm
Gap between edge and cutout-2mm
Front Edge Cutout-6mmx3mmx.5mm

Spacing between Boxes-60.5mm


The great Dread Debate

Wookiee Gunner
So one of the big issues with doing Tarfful is he has a number of dreadlocks and the universe seems unwilling to show the back of his head. Ok. No problem I think. A lot of toys are based on computer files, they probably used the CGI files from the movie as the basis for the Tarfful toys, right. WRONG!!!! So far I have the following toys (thanks Ebay):

Action Figure- 10 Dreads
Attactix Figure- 7 Dreads
Collectible Mini Game Figure- 7 Dreads
Galactic Hero-5 5 Dreads

I still have the Kubrik figure on order, so hopefully that one will have 7 Dreads and I can call it done. But at my luck it won't.

Edit: The Kubrik has 10 dreads. I got a bunch of screen shots from a nice lady on Reble Legion and from those it looks like nine dreads to me so that is what I am going with.


T-223 days and counting

Wookiee Gunner
Duck said his feet are about 18" in length.

Tarfful's dread beads seem to be 43mm wide by 35mm height with two 3mm bands on top and bottom and the diamond has edges that are 5mm and 4mm. On the diamond, the left to right lines seem to be 53 degrees and the right to left lines seem to be 45 degrees.


SpaceCamp is Helping me Out

Wookiee Gunner
So, the Space and Rocket Center has a countdown timer to the opening of WSMI:

According to that, it is 267 days till the opening.  I figure I need to be done about a month ahead so I have 237 days left.

T-277 days and counting

Wookiee Gunner
So, Duck on the Rebel Legion says that most of his hair bundles were 5-8 hairs, but the larger were 10-12.  One of the other guys recommend larger bundles for flat areas like shoulders.  I'm also working on getting a set of Wookiee Toes, so that will be the first piece that I will have purchased.



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